PERFECT Filtration: an innovation from Piscines


Thanks to this innovation, the volume of water regenerated by your filtration system is many times that of a conventional system of the same power: your system filters up to 20m3 of water per hour using a pump delivering a flow of less than 5m3/hour. This cuts your consumption of electricity and extends the life of your pump. The fineness of your filtration system is also outstanding : it stops particles as small as 15 microns in diameter. This lets you use smaller quantities of treatment products for the maintenance of your swimming pool. And your water is pure and crystal clear.

FX Filtration: an exclusive patented pool filtration system

Our exclusive system combines performance, economy, simplicity and aesthetics. Swimming Pools offers filtration finesse of 15mm, limiting the use of chemical products (against 45 microns for a traditional filtration system, with a sand filter). Another key advantage: better movement of the water and Filtered water, changed 3 to 5 times faster



Swimming against the current

Swimming against the current-magiline-swimming-pools-cambodia

The Swimming Pools counter-current swimming allows you to multiply the length of your pool. Swimming practise for the whole family becomes possible in your own pool.

Unlimited sport swimming practise

Spa deck, Lounger, Stairs

Swimming Pools counter-current swimming allows you to multiply the length of your pool. Swimming practise for the whole family becomes possible in your own pool.

Unlimited sport swimming practise

Swimming against the current-magiline-swimming-pools-cambodia

Pools LED Spotlights

Traditionally lit by incandescent spotlights, pools are evolving with new technologies! That is why, Swimming Pools has opted for Neolight white LED spotlights (LED: Light Emitting Diode). As an optional, Neolight colour allows you to program up to 11 colours and 7 programs in your swimming pool.

Illuminate your pool to enjoy it even at night.


NEO Light

Traditionally lighted by incandescent bulbs, swimming pools are changing with new technology! Which is why, to equip all its pools as standard with white light, Piscines opted for Lightis halogen floodlights.


NEO Light Color

This enables you to change your pool mood easily. Available as an option on all swimming pools, Lucie lets you programme up to 14 coloured ambiences in your swimming pool.

(*) LED: Light Emitting Diode

Pools Safety Cover

(standard NF P 90 308) (automatic roll out cover, covers with rods, safety covers or nets set above the borders, etc.) secures your swimming pool and protects the water in your pool.

Magi Guard

The automatic submerged shutter. MAGIguard offers a real innovation with this shutter, specifically designed for your Pool and ideal for safety, functionality, discretion and aesthetics.


Safety Tech

A simple, reliable and low cost solution The bar-type cover adjusts to every type of pool for optimal safety.

Securi Tech

5 above ground safety shutters SECURItech combines aesthetics and reliability with 5 different models. SECURItech acts as a real safety shield for your loved ones, suitable for every type of pool under construction or already existing.




RC4400 CyclonX Pro-magiline-swimming-pools-cambodia

RC4400 CyclonX Pro


Vortex 3

Pool Liners

The liner is a large flexible PVC envelope that covers the inside of the swimming pool and makes it watertight. The water pressure alone is sufficient to fit the liner perfectly against the walls and base of the swimming pool. Strong, soft to the touch, the liner is easy to replace. A built-in liner lock holds the liner in place inside our structure along the wall. The 0.75 mm liner is ideal for domestic use swimming pools.

To show off your pool and choose the color of the liner :

  • For crystal-clear water, choose a buff/sand liner
  • For sea blue water, choose light blue.
  • For a contemporary style, the black or grey is very effective

Plain Liner

Pale Blue Liner-magiline-swimming-pools-cambodia

Pale Blue

Sand LinerPale Blue Liner-magiline-swimming-pools-cambodia


French Blue Liner-magiline-swimming-pools-cambodia

French Blue

Grey Liner-magiline-swimming-pools-cambodia


White Liner-magiline-swimming-pools-cambodia


Caribbean Green Liner-magiline-swimming-pools-cambodia

Caribbean green

Anthracite Grey Liner-magiline-swimming-pools-cambodia

Anthracite grey

Black Liner-magiline-swimming-pools-cambodia


Marine Liner-magiline-swimming-pools-cambodia


Print Liner

Blue Mosaïque-magiline-swimming-pools-cambodia

Pale Blue





Byzantin Vert-swimming-pools-cambodia

Byzantin Vert



Ecrin Esterel-magiline-swimming-pools-cambodia

Ecrin Esterel

Blue marble grained-magiline-swimming-pools-cambodia

Blue Marble Grained



Pearl blue - grey-swimming-pools-cambodia

Pearl blue - grey

Taïko Blue - Rosso-magiline-swimming-pools-cambodia

Taïko Blue - Rosso

Zenita Blue - Rosso-magiline-swimming-pools-cambodia

Zenita Blue - Rosso

VenusZenita Blue - Rosso-magiline-swimming-pools-cambodia





The Swimming Pools counter-current swimming allows you to multiply the length of your pool. Swimming practise for the whole family becomes possible in your own pool.

Unlimited sport swimming practise



A swimming pool for your needs: a play area for children, a space for swimming or diving. With This Swimming Pools, you can choose the depth of your swimming pool based on your desired usage: sloping or flat bottom, or diving depth.

Flat Bottom
Flat Bottom-Depths-magiline-swimming-pools-cambodia
Sloping bottom
Sloping bottom-Depths-magiline-swimming-pools-cambodia
Diving depth
Diving depth-magiline-swimming-pools-cambodia
Flat Bottom + safety ledge
Flat Bottom + safety ledge-magiline-swimming-pools-cambodia
Sloping Bottom + safety ledge
Sloping Bottom + safety ledge-magiline-swimming-pools-cambodia
Diving depth + safety ledge
Diving depth + safety ledge-magiline-swimming-pools-cambodia